The average human spends one third of their life sleeping. Hopefully you’re not committing that time to a less-than-outstanding bed. We have the mattress you need to make that one third count, and the silky smooth sheets to wrap it in. Stop in today and reclaim that one third of your life!


  • 10-year warranty
  • Posturized Lumbar Support
  • Perimeter Foam Encasement
  • Comfort Layers

1/2" regular polyfoam over tub. 2" HR super firm polyfoam. Panel quilt features multi-needle quilt design with 3/4 oz. FR cotton, 1/2" gel/poly super soft polyfoam and 1" HR super soft polyfoam

HARDIN Pillow Top

  • Coil-On-Coil Dual Support
  • Posturized Lumbar Support
  • Perimeter Foam encasement
  • Comfort Layers

2" natural latex, Panel quilt features tack-n-jump quilt design with 3/4" of FR protction and 1 1/2" HR super soft polyfoam