Betty's Designers

It’s a good idea to come back often to see what new companies I have added. Unfortunately, not all of my companies have websites, so it’s really a good idea to come see for yourself what I have in stock and what I can order from my catalogs.

Let’s say you are looking for barstools;

  1. Click on the heading “Barstools”
  2. Choose a company from the drop-down menu
  3. When you click on that company, it will take you to their website
  4. Sometimes their search boxes don’t work the best so you may just have to browse their site
  5. If you find something you like, make a note of the item name and item number and which website you found it on so that you can ask me for prices
  6. When you close that particular company’s website, you will find yourself back at the index where you can choose another company to browse.