Posh & Lavish ™

The average human spends one third of their life sleeping. Hopefully you’re not committing that time to a less-than-outstanding bed. We have the mattress you need to make that one third count, and the silky smooth sheets to wrap it in. Reclaim that one third of your life, and stop in today.



  • 20 – year warranty
  • Oeko Certified Latex
  • Tencel Fabric
  • All-natural Cotton
  • Long-fiber Wool

Plus, to customize your mattress we can use a 2-inch or a 3-inch all latex topper on any of the three base mattresses.


"Unforgettable Experience"

  • 20 – year warranty
  • Push All Latex Mattress
  • Wool and Cotton Fire Retardant Layer
  • 602 Gram Weight Tencel-Faced Fabric

Refine Ultra Plush

  • 20-year warranty Oeko Certified Latex
  • Tencel Fabric
  •  All-natural Cotton
  • Long-fiber Wool

Posh & Lavish ™

One of life’s genuine pleasures

The best way to care for your body and mind is to get a restful night’s sleep. 


Elegant Comfort

Prepare yourself for an elegant night’s sleep. Come try out our selection of Englander mattresses. 


Sleep Accessories

Take a look at our quality pillows and bed sets.